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The New Black

by Yoruba Richen

Centering on the historic fight to win marriage equality in Maryland, The New Black takes viewers into the pews, onto the streets, and provides a seat at the kitchen table as it looks at how the African American community grapples with the divisive gay rights issue.

Women and Girls Lead, Independent Lens

Off and Running: A Very American Coming of Age Story

by Nicole Opper

Avery is an African American teenager and the adopted daughter of two Jewish lesbian moms in Brooklyn. She is on a quest to meet her birth mother in Texas and begin to uncover the missing pieces of her identity.


Our House: A Very Real Documentary About Kids of Gay and Lesbian Parents

by Meema Spadola

A look at what is means to grow up with two mothers or two fathers instead of a mother and a father, or to have your mother or father leave a heterosexual marriage for a same sex union.

Positive: Life with H.I.V.

by Franklin Getchell, Janet Cole, and Juanita Anderson

A frank, realistic look at real-life issues that impact those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.

Pride Divide

by Paris Poirier and Karen Kiss

A history of the forces that have brought lesbians and gay men together and sometimes wedged them apart.

The Question of Equality

by David Meieran

The gay and lesbian civil rights movement from Stonewall through the late '90s.

Scout's Honor

by Tom Shepard

A teenage boy and a 70 year-old man — both heterosexuals dedicated to the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) — tackle the BSA's antigay policies, showing what can happen when gay and straight Americans unite with a common purpose.


Screaming Queens: The Riot at Compton's Cafeteria

by Victor Silverman, Susan Stryker, and Jack Walsh

When San Francisco police raided a popular late-night hangout for transgendered people in 1966, the patrons unexpectedly fought back, helping to launch a broader fight of human rights in America.

Seeds of Summer

by Hen Lasker, Edna Kowarsky, and Elinor Kowarsky

At an army base in the heart of Israel's southern desert two young female military recruits make the transformation from fragile, vulnerable young girls to confident soldiers and fierce fighters.

Global Perspectives Collection

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Tales of the Waria

by Kathy Huang

Four transgender individuals in Indonesia, the world's largest Muslim country, search for love and acceptance with unexpected results.

Global Voices, Diverse Muslim Voices


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