1. Christine Herbes-Sommers, Producer

    A native Chicagoan whose creative inspirations were the Civil Rights, anti-war and feminist movements, Christine Herbes-Sommers’ work in film and television has from the beginning been driven to social and political issues. ‘Changing minds, hearts and policy has so much to do with first, seeing the invisible forces that drive our actions. With Llew Smith and Vital Pictures, we try to make the invisible, visible in our films.’ Christine lives in Cambridge, MA, has one plant that’s survived 25 years, no pets, except for a son graduating from Washington University in St. Louis this May

  2. Llewellyn Smith, Producer/Director

    When Llewellyn Smith became intrigued with the arts as an opportunity for political expression, he moved move away from a planned career as an academic and became a filmmaker. With Christine Herbes-Sommers he formed Vital Pictures, a production company dedicated to media that raises social consciousness. “We’re lucky to be in a professional environment with an amazing production team that shares and expands our vision,” says Llew. Past credits include Eyes on the Prize, Africans in America, Reconstruction, Unnatural Causes, Herskovits at the Heart of Blackness, and Race: The Power of an Illusion. Llew lives in Boston, was born there, and will likely leave with his boots on.

  3. Kelly Thomson, Producer

    Kelly Thomson joined Vital Pictures in 2006 for their award-winning series Unnatural Causes, and has been with them ever since. She’s spent her spare time over the past several years directing/producing a feature documentary, Savage Memory, which premiered at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts in October, 2011. In addition to the Vital Pictures’ productions Herskovits at the Heart of Blackness and Gaining Ground, Kelly has contributed to independent films and shorts, including Untamed, Hotels 4, All Falls Down, Milk, A Vote for Choice, and Funeral of the Last Gypsy King. Kelly is a Boston native, and graduated from New York University.