State Of Arizona Retraces History Of The Immigration Law That Redefined The Debate (VIDEO)

A new documentary airing Jan. 27 on the PBS series Independent Lens retraces the battle over the law that pushed state immigration enforcement to the forefront of conservative politics in the lead-up to the 2012 presidential elections.

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Laredo is mostly Mexican-American, and here we are celebrating George Washington’s birthday. It’s kind of crazy. Why do we do this?

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Spend Four Hours At Berkeley on PBS–And No, It’s Not Just the Sixties Revisited

Just saying the word Berkeley immediately brings thoughts of hippies, the peace movement, free speech and the Sixties to mind – but as Frederick Wiseman’s award-winning documentary of the famous (and to some, infamous) university in California, Berkeley is much more than any of those clichés can even come close to describing.

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At Berkeley: Interview with documentarian Frederick Wiseman

Radio Interview

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Uganda’s Antigay Bill vs. a Documentary on Homophobia

The Square and Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer are not the only Oscar-shortlisted international documentaries that have run into trouble at home. God Loves Uganda, about the role of American evangelicals in stirring up homophobia in that African country, has suffered an arguably even more difficult fate.

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PBS Airs Film Honoring Unsung Heroes of Fight Against AIDS

The documentary How to Survive a Plague, which receives its television premiere on most PBS stations on December 30, tells the story of some of these heroes, and the lives they saved.

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Sushi for Christmas? That’s What Jiro Dreams of on PBS

Sushi and Christmas do not traditionally go together, but on the night before Christmas Eve, most who view Jiro Dreams of Sushi on PBS may just get a craving for some raw fish – artfully and safely prepared of course – for the holidays.

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PBS doc shows how play goes from the Kirk Douglas Theater to Broadway

Over a decade ago, in 2003, a man was mauled by a male Bengal tiger. The incident sparked public outrage and was developed into a play. In the PBS program, Playwright: From Page to Stage, we follow the two plays, including the tale of the tiger, as they make their way to the stage and eventually to New York.

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Exclusive: Independent Lens Announces Its Winter/Spring 2014 Lineup, Including At Berkeley, Muscle Shoals, God Loves Uganda

PBS documentary series Independent Lens announced its Winter/Spring 2014 lineup today, presenting a varied selection of independent docs from both first-time filmmakers and familiar names like Frederick Wiseman and Bill Siegel.

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Capturing the development of two young writers

Documentary follows playwrights at the beginning of their journeys

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