Documentary Explores Modern Mexican American Debutantes

In an unprecedented behind-the-scenes look into one of the largest celebrations of George Washington’s birthday, a PBS documentary follows two young Mexican-American debutantes who make their debut during a month-long colonial reenactments and celebration in the border town of Laredo, Texas.

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Las Marthas: Texas Border City Offers Unique President's Day Celebration

It's a huge deal for the otherwise dusty Texas border city, where every year it puts on a regionally known month-long celebration of George Washington's birthday, chock-full of original era pomp and circumstance.

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No one honors American presidents like Laredo, Texas

The debutantes and the women of The Society of Martha Washington, formed in 1939 in Laredo, are known locally as Las Marthas, a name that for years has evoked respect in many and abhorrence to some who disdain the conspicuous consumption of the city’s upper class – along with preoccupations with lineage and class – in a community where almost one in three live below the poverty line.



The Wonderful World of Debutantes Who Dress Like Martha Washington

Does PBS ever post its documentaries online? Because their latest, Las Marthas, which airs today, is appointment viewing for me.

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Texas Town Brings Out Its Debs For George Washington's Birthday

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A heaping slice of Americana – served up Texas style

In a new documentary film, Las Marthas, director Cristina Ibarra introduces viewers of PBS’ Independent Lens series to the quirky custom of celebrating George Washington’s birthday in Laredo, Texas.

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Las Marthas: Debutantes in Laredo, Surprisingly Colonial

But the documentary Las Marthas, which will be broadcast Monday on PBS as part of the network’s Independent Lens series, offers a striking alternative portrait of border-town life.

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Las Marthas: una tradición que une culturas y generaciones

Un baile que celebra el natalicio del presidente George Washington en Laredo, Texas.



Mexican-American Debutantes Dress Up Like Martha Washington in Las Marthas Documentary

A new documentary, Las Marthas, airing on PBS on President’s Day (February 17) follows these young debutantes during their intense preparations for the ball.

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Las Marthas Will Make You Think Twice about the Border, Latinas and Class

At first glance, the Society of Martha Washington’s debutante ball looks like any other: teenage girls in elaborate dresses preparing to make their first appearance before their city’s elite. But just beneath the surface, this massive event is one that captures the contradictions of tradition, duty, class and nationality.

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